About MechAdept

MechAdept was founded in 2006 with the purpose of accelerating the transfer of the state of the art in mechatronic technology to real world applications. We specialize in electro-mechanical devices, control software and human interfaces. We are passionate about mechatronics and the process of creating mechatronic devices.

MechAdept is located in New Zealand and most of our clients are in Aisa, North America and Europe. Remote collaboration tools like teleconference meetings, screen sharing, and fast global courier services have made this effective. In many cases, we work while you sleep, giving a faster rhythm to the project.

MechAdept is constantly honing its ability to execute high performance mechatronics projects with a blend of efficiency, reliability, and creativity that distinguishes it from its peers.

In pursuit of excellence

We solve difficult problems. Our clients reach out to us when they are unable to create or purchase a machine that has the capabilities they need.

When we have client projects in front of us, we are focused on deeply understanding the clients needs and bringing to bear our expertise and our creativity to solve their problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When we are not working on client projects, then we are developing, learning, creating and sharing new technology.

Join Us

When we have specific positions open they will appear here. We also grow organically when the right people present themselves. If the who, what, where, why and how of MechAdept fits you, please get in touch with us.

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External collaborators

We foster a network of external collaborators. Specialists that excel in the knowledge, skill, and processes that we only use occasionally. Designers, fabricators, craftspeople, and scientists.

If you like what MechAdept does and want to explore the possibilities of what we can do together, please reach out to anyone on our team.

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