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We engineer robust, high-performance hardware for robotics research.

Let others be distracted from their core research by student prototypes that need constant attention.

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The view from our office in New Zealand

Founded in 2006, MechAdept provides design services for the global robotics research community. We specialize in electro-mechanical devices, control software and human interfaces. We are passionate about mechatronics and the process of creating mechatronic devices.

MechAdept is located in New Zealand and most of our clients are in the USA and Europe. Remote collaboration tools like teleconference meetings, screen sharing, and fast global courier services have made this effective. In many cases, we work while you sleep, giving a faster rhythm to the project.

MechAdept is constantly honing its ability to execute high performance mechatronics projects with a blend of efficiency, reliability, and creativity that distinguishes it from its peers.


NDA's prevent us from showing off some of our best work. Below is a list of topics we have direct experience with. Please give us a call to learn about our specific experience in any of these areas.

Reseach Proposals

  • Concept generation and illustration of novel topics for research. Winning grant proposals.

System Architecture, Specification, and Project Planning

  • Kinematics studies
  • Mechanism recommendations
  • Electronics system organization and components
  • Control Algorithms
  • Software implementation
  • Human-Machine interface

Mechanical Design

  • Light, strong aluminum structures with many functions per part
  • Spur gear transmission design
  • Custom bearing design
  • Dynamic joint seals
  • Motor housing design
  • Precision robotic joints
  • Cable transmission design


  • Embedded controller firmware
  • BLDC Motor commutation algorithms
  • Fixed point motion control code
  • Real-time linux robot control code library