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We engineer robust, high-performance hardware for robotics research.

Let others be distracted from their core research by student prototypes that need constant attention.

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The two concerns we hear most often are, "aren't consultants expensive?" and "how can you help me from so far away?".

Most established researchers have learned how to leverage their budget towards strategic goals and know when the short term cost of bringing in an expert will save money in long run. If you have any questions about cost just email us. All communication is confidential.

While it is true that working remotely is not quite the same as working with you in your lab (which we can do for certain projects), we are experienced in remote collaboration. We have been providing remote engineering services to researchers all across the world since 2006.

The world is a small place and we manage our schedule to serve all of it. Although there are exceptions, we generally try to schedule meetings with clients in Europe anytime before noon CET, and meetings with clients in the USA anytime after 2PM EST.