Edubot - Educational Robot for Kids


The client wanted a mobile educational robot for kids with basic vision and gripping capabilities. The desired product was aimed for low cost and mass production.


We supported the client in all project stages.


  • defining relevant requirements,
  • concept creation and
  • final decision making.

Global system design: We found an optimal compromise between a low cost target and the number of features/complexity.

Mechanical design: A cost-effective articulated sheet metal base mechanism was combined with external body panels that allow for customization by kids.

Electronics design: A highly integrated, low-cost PCB(single sided, double layer) for motor control, sensor data collection and battery management has been developed to

  • drive the 2-DoF gripper,
  • drive and control the 2-DoF differential drive in a position feedback loop and
  • collecting data from various interoceptive and exteroceptive sensors.